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Investigation of the fraud of the photographies of UFOS

of Mexican Photographer Arturo Robles Gil

Investigation made by Pascal Lopresti Lopresti
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Photography of Pascal Lopresti
UFO Phenomenon investigator

This investigation has been made and displayed exclusively
for all I publish of Mexico and the world by Pascal Lopresti

D uring the month of july 1995, a series of journalistic articles appeared in the Mexican press,

indicated that a professional photographer had obtained extraordinary images of which he
pretended to be an not identified flying object: engineer Arturo Robles Gil, specialized in the
photography of architecture, and winner of the annual prize "Goddess of the Light", the
magazine Photo Zoom lens in 1995.
One of the photographies of ufos mounted of Gil Oaks was, in effect, published in page 14 of the
magazine Photo Zoom lens in its number 290 of the month of November of 1999, fué taken with a
camera Nikon F100, lenses Nikkor high frequency 18 mm F.28, and high frequency 24-120 mm,
in F.3.5 and 5.6. The used film is Kodak Proimage in HANDLE 100, printed in photographic paper
Supra III of the Kodak house.
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Mr. Sergio Ruiz Garci'a, who in that then evolved like adviser in the subject Ufo in Aztec Television,

and particularly in a segment within the Saturday program "Tempranito 2000", transmitted at national
level by Channel 13 of this television transmitter, presented the photographies Arturo Robles Gil before
the television cameras, relating this last his experience with the ufos, and assuring that he was totally
fortuitous situations, that he had not hoped to live with these objects, and indicating that Gil Oaks had
taken the best photographies from UFOS in the world.
In studies and preliminary interviews made by investigators of the subject ufo independently, Robles Gil
assured that the photographies had obtained them in the valley of Tepoztlán, Morelos, after to have
interested in the case of the contacted Carlos Diaz , who is known world-wide by the spectacular
photographies of obtained luminous ufos in that zone of the Republic. Gil oaks consequently assured
that it had followed Diaz until discovering the site where this one last one saw the ufos, obtaining to
photograph them he himself, in later visits to the site of the sightings.

Another one of the investigators who would be interested in the photographies of Gil Oaks would be
the Mario physicist Luján Towers, director of the magazine Contact Ufo, same that, in number 80
of this magazine, published in the cover the photos of Gil Oaks, that according to he himself
photographer, were taken by the end of April from 1999, appearing strange objects near the
lunar disc, strangely yellowish, according to its own words.

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During the month of November of 1999, Gil Oaks approach investigator Pascal Lopresti, and

during the subsequent months it shows his works to him made in photography, those that it stops
were the evidences more excellent than they have been registered in the photographic history of
the phenomenon of the Ufos. Mr. Pascal Lopresti, given to his ample experience, also had doubt
of the veracity of the evidences presented/displayed from a principle, and put in judgment fabric
these photographies, since, like for other investigators, they were too good to be true. 
In December of 1999 the "Congress was carried out UFO Acapulco 99", in which Mr. Arturo
Robles Gil, due to the fast diffusion that had its photographic material, was invited by Jaime Maussan
to be ponente in the event, publishing his false photographies in official poster of the congress. In its
communication, Gil Oaks apócrifo presented/displayed its material once again, arriving with this at
everybody, and later, after an apparent success, the photographies would be shown in the United
States, Germany, England and Norway, as well as in Latin America through the chain "Univisión". 
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Initiating year 2000, Gil Oaks were invited to participate in diverse programs of Radio, as well

as in the most important television transmitters of the Mexican Republic, presenting/displaying
new material of supposed sightings of spherical objects in the City of Mexico. 
During the month of March of the 2000, Mr. Jaime Maussan would present/display to the
photographer in the famous televising program "the Show of Cristina", of the North American
chain Univisión, and with this, once again they returned to be spread at world-wide level apparently
the better photographies of the phenomenon UFO in the world. At the same time, Arturo Robles Gil
collaborated in these dates in the program of radio of Jaime Maussan as adviser in photography
of the same one.
Of all the material spread until those dates, greater importance to photographies that, according
to words of the photographer, were taken in the zone of County of Sayavedra, in the metropolitan
zone of the City of Mexico occurred. In these photographies a reddish luminous object is appraised,
which is the one that appears extensively in this page.
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Photographer Arturo Robles Gil as much showed the photographies the public in mass media,

like partiucularmente to the investigators, and expressed his personal opinions of how they saw
themselves I pretend energy fields emanating by the inferior part of the object. Of this form, Robles
Gil tried to form an idea preconceived to the people of which what it was seen in the photographies
it was a UFO, turning aside of this form the attention which in fact it was...



Day 10 of April of the 2000 around the 2:00 p.m., two people got at the offices from the Research

center UFO directed by Mr. Pascal Lopresti to give on directed to the same one, and without giving
greater explanations, they retired as they arrived: without identifying itself. On it did not present/display
sender, but only the direction of the offices where the Research center is located UFO, as well as
the indication of which on it went directed to this investigator.
When opening on one was a device of Chinese manufacture with identical forms to those of the
presumed UFO of the county of Sayavedra, and a letter directed to Mr. Pascal Lopresti, which
appears next:


9 April 2000:

Mr. Pascal Lopresti: You which you are promotional investigator and of the phenomenon

UFO, we sent this apparatus to him so that it investigates thorough what this happening
to the case of Mr. Arturo Robles Gil.


From then, Mr. Pascal Lopresti, considering to the people involved in the diffusion and endorsement
at international level of these photographies, as well as the suspicions that already were had previously,
decided to make their own investigation. For it, it began to photograph the received device, using for it
the services of a professional laboratory of photography. Later, it was tried to reproduce in digital video
the fraudulent images of the photographer, obtaining it in both cases with an ample margin of success.
Also, it was possible to be counted on the consultant's office of specialist photographer Mario Casasola,
who serves his in the General archives of the Nation, same that confirmed the nature apócrifa of the
photographies of Gil Oaks. With these elements in his power, investigator Pascal Lopresti decided to
go with the Lic. Jaime Maussan, to propose to him to publicly present/display the made, same investigation
that would appear before means of national Radio and TV, and particularly in the wireless program "Ufo,
an intelligent phenomenon", where the fraud was publicly in the open. The last and definitive exhibition
of this fraud would be of maniesto in the television program "Today", where Lopresti showed before the
cameras the evidences, sealing definitively this deceit to the public and the investigators.

Now we put to its reach the elements of this investigation by means of this page.

Next are as much all the graphical details of the investigation as of the diverse pocketed a ball
photographies that occurred to know.

This fraud and its breach of camouglage discipline mark to a precedent in the history

of the phenomenon UFO.
Writer: Pascal Lopresti
To continue...